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Our 'pop up' Patisserie is located at the Waimauku Shopping centre, 9D Factory Road, Waimauku (opening 2nd July 2013) and sharing premises with The Daily Squeeze Juice Bar & Coffee Shop.

what we make

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All our breads are shaped by hand, hence their unique and individual appearance! 
There are no added sugars, dairy or preservatives in any of our breads therefore the shelf life differs to commercial breads. Only our traditional boiled bagels have 1% added sugar.

We suggest storing your bread in the paper bag your bought it in or wrapping it in a clean tea towel which allows the bread to 'breathe'. We do not recommend wrapping it in plastic as it encourages condensation which will shorten its shelf life particularly in warmer months. All the breads will freeze well and we suggest once defrosted to refresh them by either slicing and toasting or for whole loaves, spraying with water and baking in 200C for 5 mins. 

We aim to sell out every day, making fresh batches of all loaves, baguettes and rolls each morning. You are welcome to place an order for any of our breads if you don't want to miss out and we will put it aside for you. Please call 09 412 6089 and leave your order, name and phone number.

Monthly Special
We offer a 'loaf of the month'. This depends on the season and ingredients. Some of these loaves are so popular they end up on our 'regular list', others are saved for festive times only. They are always made with a natural starter rather than commercial yeast as we would like to encourage more people to try this European style of bread. Bread made with a natural starter have a lower G.I content due to the slow fermentation breaks down the flour proteins. Which means they are easier to digest and better for you!

Traditional Sour Dough Cob 
Traditional sourdough with a dense texture and light piquant flavour. This loaf has a long slow fermentation process of no less than 28 hours using a natural starter. It is bulk fermented for 4-6 hours then shaped and left in the fridge to slowly rise over 16-20 hours. The slow fermentation develops it's unique flavour and texture.

Specialty Range ( this can vary depending on season and a bakers 'whim')
All sourdough are weighed at 800g before baking
Sunflower, Olive & Oregano, Sweet Potato, 
Wholemeal Spelt, Spelt and Grain, Spelt with Fig and Walnut
Rye with Caraway & Quinoa, Flax & Rye

5 Grain Wholemeal & Rye Loaf - 700g
Our 5 grain loaf is an original 'Fluetys' recipe which has been part of the bakery for 20 years. Keeping with tradition the loaf is made from a big a starter and bakers yeast. A mix of soaked grains, wholemeal and wheat flour are added to the starter. This loaf is a traditional European style grain with a dense and moist crumb. Perfect for sandwiches and toasting. 

Fruit Loaf tin - 800g
Made the same as the 5 Grain Dough, with the addition of sultanas, raisins and almonds. It is also packed with grains and wholemeal which gives it a hearty 'dense' texture. Great slathered with butter and toasts well.

Ciabatta -400g loaf. Rolls - 12g (rolls request to order only)
Made the traditional way with a 'biga' starter dough and flavoured with olive oil. The biga starter is left for a minimum of 12 hours to develop flavour before added to the dough.
This Italian bread has a light holey crumb interior and chewy crust.
Great for sandwiches, accompanying soups or mopping up sauces. The ciabatta rolls also make great burger buns.

Peru Peru - Potato Loaf - 1kg loaf or 650g tin
Made with a traditional 'biga' starter, white flour, Agria Potatoes and flavoured with olive oil. The potato loaf is very 'light and fluffy'. The 1kg loaf shape makes for the perfect sandwich and is often bought for the weekend 'bacon butty/sandwich'.

French Baguette - 450g
The French Baguette has a light crumb with a crunchy chewy crust. The baguette dough is made with a of biga starter and fresh yeast. Great for picnic sandwiches, to accompany soups and stews or sliced to make crostini.

Traditional Boiled Bagels
A soft chewy bagel. Made from a lightly yeasted dough. Our bagel dough is bulk fermented, shaped then allowed to rise before boiling each bagel. The final topping is added before baking. We offer sesame, poppyseed or plain. Perfect for a special breakfast with smoked salmon and cream cheese or just butter and preserves.

Honey and Walnut - 550g loaves, 
Made from wholemeal, white flour, honey and walnuts, it's a soft yeasted bread which is available in loaves or Demi baguettes. Perfect for your cheese boards or as a picnic sandwich.

Cakes Pastries & Pies
As with everything we make at Gourmet Gannet Kitchen, our cakes, pies and pastries are all freshly made from scratch daily with seasonal and local produce. 

You'll quiet a few British cakes and pastries on offer, a nod to Allison's heritage. As well as French and German influences a result of her classical patisserie training and a stint living in Frankfurt.

Some of our customer favorites are classical English Eccles cakes, Bakewell Tarts, Chelsea Buns. French Pastries, Fine Apple Tarts, Frangipane Tarts and our famous Chocolate Brownie range. 

We offer individual portions and there are always full loaves or tarts to take away. We are also happy to make birthday cakes to order for you or perhaps you might like a special tart or dessert for a dinner party. Please pop into the shop to discuss or drop us a line or call.

Below is a list of some of our sweet treats on offer, these can change due to availability of ingredients or the whim of the baker! That does mean there if often something new to try.

Croissants - plain, almond, chocolate and savoury filled. French Apple Tart, Eccles Cake, Seasonal Fruit Galette, Fruit Pies.

Cakes, Tarts & Slices
Filled Brioche Doughnuts, Flourless Chocolate Cakes, Flourless Tropical Cakes, Vegan Brownie
Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Ginger Oat Crunch Slice, Peanut Butter Caramel Slice.
Bakewell Tart, Seasonal Frangipane Tart, Chocolate Caramel Tart, Pecan Pie, Seasonal Fruit Tart


Whole Cakes, Tarts etc
Hummingbird Cake, Tropical Passionfruit Cake, 70% Chocolate Plum Cake (gf), Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake,
Chocolate Mud Cake, Chocolate Peppermint Cake
small - $25 med $55 large $65
Loaf cakes - $18
Tarts - $36 large, small long $16

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